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Keston boiler repair


Our specialty
is Keston boiler repair.If you experiencing a fault with your Keston boiler then give us a call.  With highly experienced trouble shooting and top skill for diagnosing any sort of fault code with your boiler.  We will repair your boiler and never condemn it.  And on the top of the we will give you 12 months part and labour warranty.But if you require a service for your Keston boiler we can also provide it with our gas safe registered engineer.If an unlikely event for the boiler fails we are here to answer your call the keston boiler repair with down to earth charge and efficient repair.Boiler Repairs

Over all we service maintain or repair your existing central heating system and your Keston boiler. We also install and design new boiler that is part of the heating and hot water system as we did in Coach and horses hotel in Worthing.


The long history of Keston boilers that ensure you with performance and reliability.One manufacturer that has stood the test of time is Keston heating.They have been producing superior products since 1928.After all this years with robust experience of manufacturing boilers they supply products to domestic and commercial markets.
Keep warm this winter with your Keston boiler.

First of all look after your heating system,make sure that is working well and has properly maintained.Also keep in mind that our engineers will advise you to also pay attention for the external part of the central heating system.Like example the hard working components of the heating system as the central heating pump and motorised heating valves that require maintenance as well as the boiler.Good practice to check and clean the external magnetic filter that protects the boiler and filters the central heating system from sludge. 

Once you have your Keston boiler installed then do not forget to look after it.
Call us for the following keston boiler repair
Keston C36 combi,Keston C40,Keston C45,Keston Quodos 28h,Keston 28s ,Keston celsius 25 ,

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