Heat Pumps! What are they and are they worth it?

A heat pump is a device which uses a little electric to absorb the natural heat from a the cold and releases it to a warmer space, basically just the same as what a fridge does but in reverse.

Are they efficient?

Ah, this is the burning question that everybody asks first. and the answer is, yes. They are extremely efficient, more so than conventional heaters by producing 3-4 times more heat by using the same amount of electricity.

They are very reliable and can operate all year round because they use a clean, sustainable source of power which is constantly being replenished by the sun unlike other fuels and even better, they do not produce greenhouse gasses as there is no combustion involved!

So, if you are thinking about changing over to a cleaner system and become a household that want to maximise their efficiency and reduce their family’s carbon footprint, then get in touch and we can talk you through the process and answer your questions.

Questions and Answers:

Can a heat pump replace a boiler?
Can the heat pump replace your gas or oil boiler ? In many cases, yes, a heat pump can provide all the heating and hot water you need for your home.

Which is better heat pump or boiler?
For households that aren’t connected to mains gas, heat pumps are often an excellent solution, certainly better than an oil boiler, which produces high CO₂ emissions. … This prevents the heat pump from having to run at high power, which would reduce its efficiency.

Are heat pumps more expensive to run than gas boilers?
Although electricity is 4 times more expensive than LPG, oil and gas, the costs required to run these systems are all similar. … If electricity costs are reduced, heat pumps running costs would be much less than traditional boilers and heating methods

 Are heat pumps noisy?
All heating products make at least some noise, but heat pumps are usually quieter than fossil fuel boilers.