Smart Technology

The Plumbing Industry is Changing. The latest advancements in savings, and increased energy efficiency. Though touchless fixtures have been around for a while, their demand seems to be rising.

Touchless Fixtures Are Growing in Popularity

The current market for smart bathroom fixtures are revolutionizing the plumbing industry with innovative and eco-friendly and technologically advanced hardware.

Smart fixtures like touchless taps, sensor-enabled soap dispensers, and automatic cistern systems aid in creating a flexible and cleaner environment for all.  This greatly improves the overall hygiene meanwhile conserving water and energy.

Smart Toilets Are Set to Flourish

Smart toilets are equipped with several functions like automatic flushing, overflow protection, water-saving features, self-deodorizer, sensor-enabled commercial LED lighting, self-cleaning features, and much more. These technologically advanced toilets are becoming an integral part of smart homes.

The rising demand for hygienic sanitary products, the changing lifestyle of consumers, and the growing global water conservation awareness are driving this trend.  Brands like Kohler and Ove are coming up with innovative features that standard toilets do not offer.

The Demand for Smart Water-Leak Sensors Will Surge

Whether it’s due to faulty pipes, a leaky washing machine, or water heater issues, leaks can cause a lot of damage to households. Plus, the cost of leaking pipes is high.   Moreover, people are getting environmentally conscious and taking measures to save water.

Smart leak detectors can reduce the impact of plumbing problems. When a leak is detected, the sensors set off an alarm or trigger an alert.   A few advanced systems also shut off the valves to prevent major damage or water loss.   They can also alert the homeowner about freezing temperatures and humidity issues.   The main top brands competing now are: Honeywell, Samsung, and LeakSMART

Smart Shutoff Valves

Have a plumbing leak? The best thing you can do to respond is take action quickly and shut off your water to stop the flow.   However, shutting off your water is difficult enough as it is when you are home, and completely possible while you are away.  Or at least it was, up until the invention of the smart shutoff valve.

A smart shutoff valve is an electronic valve that you can open and close either manually or with the touch of a button to turn the flow of water in your home on or off. Installed on your main water input line, these systems give you the ability to quickly and easily stop the flow of water in an emergency in order to minimize the damage and give you more time to take action.

Whether you’re dealing with a slow leak under your sink, a smart shutoff valve gives you the ability to respond in seconds from anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for peace of mind when it comes to your plumbing, the amount of value one of these devices can provide you can’t be overstated.